Our goal here at 3PercentDental is simple. To help you sell your dental practice without the standard 8% to 10% commission typically charged in the industry. And for buyers, to help you purchase a dental practice without requiring you to pay a single penny in brokerage fees. The days of paying a practice broker to help you find a dental practice are over.

Are you selling? We charge just 1.99% to 3.99% commission. Does your sale include real estate? We charge 0.00% commission to help you sell your real estate. Are you buying? You pay us absolutely nothing. It is time to put an end to the ridiculous commission rates dentists have been charged to this point. That is precisely why 3PercentDental was founded.


Simple. We don’t charge outrageous commissions. There is no reason for it. Moreover, each member of our team has over three decades of experience in the dental profession. So, we understand exactly what it takes to make practice transitions come to fruition. If you are a buyer, we are going to give you all the facts. No stone will be left unturned. If you are a seller, we are going to market your practice aggressively. After all, what good is 30 years experience if we don’t aggressively market your practice? We also offer 3, 6, 9 and 12-month terms. So, you have a choice. Finally, we have a database that rivals the top brokerage firms in the country. Over 24,000 dentists on the east coast and more than 117,000 dentists nationwide.


The staff should never be aware your practice is for sale. We make sure to honor that commitment by scheduling appointments before and after hours or when your office is closed. Furthermore, we fully vet and prequalify all buyers before detailed practice information is revealed. Specifically, we make sure the buyer has the wherewithal to pay your asking price, either by proof of funds or proof of a loan, and sign a confidentiality agreement (NDA) before your name, office name and practice location is revealed. Then, once a buyer is fully screened and prequalified, we don’t simply hand out your financials upon request. We require buyers to visit your facility (first) and meet with you. Only when a buyer expresses further interest in your practice thereafter, do we afford them access to your personal and very sensitive practice information. 


New practice listings appear frequently and often sell quickly. That is because we believe in pricing practices fairly and transitioning with complete integrity and professionalism. If you would like to receive an email alert with each new listing we post, please subscribe to our GoDaddy Email Marketing Campaign by clicking on this link “SUBSCRIBE” or by clicking on the red button in the top righthand column of this page.  


Whether you are buying or selling, we make practice transitions quick, easy & absolutely pain-free. What’s our secret? We spend the money to aggressively market your practice so you don’t sit around forever waiting for a hit. Add to that the fact that 3PercentDental saves you an average of $30,000 (in your pocket) at closing, and suddenly the choice is crystal clear.


If you would like us to list your practice, please click the “List my Practice” link located along the top of this page. Then, simply complete and submit that form. We will contact you shortly thereafter. If you are interested in buying a practice, please click the “Purchase a Practice” link, also along the top of this page. Again, just a simple form to fill out and we will begin your search for the ideal dental practice and do so with surprising efficiency. Remember, hiring a full commission broker benefits no one but the broker himself. Thank you for visiting us here at 3PercentDental. We look forward to working with you and making your practice transition a pleasant and effortless experience.