Bank Financing

Bank financing is usually the most stressful part of the transaction. But do not despair. Here at 3 Percent Dental, we will not only provide help with bank financing, but we will save you considerable money with our elite team of banking professionals.

Confusing Lending Contracts

Have you ever actually read the small print on bank financing contracts? It is vertigo-inducing! And although most bankers will have you believing everything is in black and white, that is simply not the case. The small print is often written in ambiguous language with multiple shades of gray. Quite frankly, it is disheartening.

How We Can Help

Here at 3 Percent Dental, we have a special relationship with a few selected banks for our clients. That is because we are a discount brokerage company and we made it clear to the bankers if they are going to have a relationship with us, they need to be ultra-competitive for our clients. That means the lowest rates available. Understandably, not all banks could honor interest rates low enough to satisfy our request. However, a few selected banks have.

What’s next?

It is really very simple. When you locate the ideal dental practice for you and you are ready to obtain bank financing, simply give us a call. We will contact our elite team of bankers to determine who has the best deal going on at that particular point in time. Banks often run financing promotions and, notwithstanding the low rates allocated for our clients, we search (all) current promotions, including banks not currently aligned with 3 Percent Dental. If there is a lower financing promotion going on, our clients will receive that special promotion. Basically, we do all the groundwork so our clients don’t have to.

How Much Does It Cost?

That is the beauty of 3 Percent Dental. In addition to free consultations, free appraisals, free valuations, free referrals (including free low-cost attorney referrals) and, of course, free brokerage services for buyers, we also offer free professional banking referrals. It won’t cost you a single penny to be introduced to one of our bankers. And it won’t cost you a single penny to determine if you are eligible for low-cost financing. The days of paying full commission bankers and full commission brokers are finally over. That is precisely why 3 Percent Dental was founded. To save you money.

Let’s Get Started

Simply pick up the phone and give us a call today. Our number is (201) 664-4135. Our office is open 7 days/week. Allow us to end the headaches of bank financing while affording you the lowest possible rates. Please call now and one of our brokers will begin your search for the best financing deal available.