VIP ClientsWhat is a VIP Client?

A VIP Client is a fully vetted and prequalified dentist or DSO whom we authorize to see (advanced showings) of our premier practice listings. VIP Clients will be afforded the opportunity to visit these practices and meet the seller (before) we market and list them for sale.

What is a Premier Practice?

Our premier practices are truly outstanding and exceptional in every way. They are state-of-the-art, high-volume practices in pristine condition and located amongst prime real estate. They do not come along very often. But when they do, as a VIP Client, you will be afforded the privilege of seeing them in advance and (before) we market and list them for sale.

How do I Register to Become a VIP Client?

If you are already registered with our brokerage firm, please click the Contact Us link, and under “MESSAGE” simply type, “VIP CLIENT REQUEST.” If you are not yet registered with our brokerage firm, please register on the Register to Purchase a Practice page. However, you will have to wait 6 months before requesting to be a VIP Client.

Who gets Approved for VIP Client Privileges?

You must be a client with our brokerage firm for a minimum of 6 months. You must have made at least a single bona fide offer on one of our dental practices for sale. You must demonstrate credit worthiness of at least $2.5M. You must have an unblemished record with the State Board of Dentistry.

What does it Cost to be a VIP Client?

As you know, we do not charge (buyers) for our brokerage services. And if you are a VIP Client and purchase a practice already marketed and listed on our website, you will continue to receive our free brokerage services. However, if you purchase one of our (advanced showing) premier practices, the ones with an asterisk (*) before it, there will be a discounted fee associated with the transaction. Any such fees will be in the form of a formal contract and only apply upon the purchase of an (advanced showing) premier practice. All VIP Clients receive a VIP Badge w/Lanyard to display when visiting a premier facility.

What’s Next?

If you meet the criteria for our VIP Client privileges, please request said privileges in writing and we will contact you immediately upon your approval.