Do you have a high grossing dental practice? Are you thinking of giving your practice listing to a brokerage firm listed on the NY Stock Exchange? Big mistake. And here is why. All they are going to do is promise you top dollar for your dental practice simply to get you to sign on the dotted line. They may even tell you they already have someone interested in your practice. It is all a ruse.

Have you read their contract? What are they charging you? 5% commission? 6%, 7%, 8% commission? Or perhaps 9% or 10% commission? That is insane! And did you know these big conglomerates often receive a commission from the buyer too? That means the buyer has less money to offer you, the seller. Big corporations have big payrolls. So, they have no choice but to charge you these outrageous commissions.

Here at 3 PERCENT DENTAL, our brokers do not receive salaries. Only commissions. That means our brokerage firm can utilize that money to spend on marketing and advertising to get your practice sold fast. And what we charge is unbeatable in the industry. 3.99% commission for the first $1M. 2.99% commission for the second $1M. 1.99% commission for the third $1M and thereafter. And if we don’t sell your dental practice, we don’t get paid.

How about your real estate? If you are selling your building along with your practice, our commission for selling your property is 0.00%. That’s right! We don’t charge a single penny to help you sell your real estate.

So, please don’t think a brokerage firm listed on the NY Stock Exchange is more capable of selling your dental practice simply because they are a big corporation. Our practice brokers have 30+ years’ experience in the dental field and we have a database of over 117,000 dentists nationwide. And because we are a discount brokerage firm, you won’t just save thousands. You will save tens of thousands of dollars. Please consider hiring our brokerage firm for your high grossing, high volume dental practice. Why? Because you didn’t work this hard in life to give your money away.