What makes 3 PERCENT DENTAL stand out? While most other brokerage firms post your listing on their website and hope for a hit, they really don’t do much more. They may do some general advertising and perhaps make a few phone calls. But that’s about it. And their advertising is usually about their own brokerage firm and not necessarily about (your) specific dental practice for sale.

Here at 3 PERCENT DENTAL, in addition to our multitude of monthly advertising venues, which includes dental journals, social media platforms, dental conventions, etc., we have a GoDaddy Email Marketing Campaign® that reaches 47,000+ dentists in 26 states along the East Coast. And that marketing campaign goes out on Day #1. So, within 24 hours, licensed dentists from all over the metropolitan area learn about your specific practice listing.

Here is something else you may not have known. Other brokerage firms pay their brokers a weekly salary. When they sell a practice, they generally receive a bonus too. Here at 3 PERCENT DENTAL, our practice brokers do not receive salaries. Only commissions. So, we have a huge incentive to sell your practice. Simply put, if we don’t sell your practice, we don’t get paid. That is exactly why we do such extensive advertising. Perhaps the most in the dental brokerage industry.

If you want to sell your practice fast, please consider 3 PERCENT DENTAL. We are open seven (7) days a week and each of our brokers has 30+ years’ experience in the dental industry. That’s right! They are not just practice brokers. They actually worked in the dental field for 3+ decades. So, you are assured a knowledgeable and experienced practice broker to assist you every step of the way.