Testimonial #2016 – Dr. Nick Romanides

New Jersey: I was so happy learn about the brokerage services offered by 3 Percent Dental. The phone is always answered, and I am communicating with a practice broker with 30+ years’ experience in the business. […]


Testimonial #2015 – Dr. Samuel Taller

New Jersey: We work hard our entire lives to establish a good practice and when it comes time to sell, we don’t want a significant chunk of the sale to go to the practice broker. That […]


Testimonial #2014 – Dr. Sheldon Rudnicki

New Jersey: I recently sold my dental practice in northern New Jersey, utilizing the services of 3 Percent Dental. Scott Alberg is the business coordinator, and he did a marvelous job. His expertise and experience in […]


Testimonial #2013 – Dr. Ronald Berke

Florida: I didn’t want a long-term contract and 3 Percent Dental offers the choice of 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. But naturally, the commission is higher the shorter term you go. However, Scott said when practices are […]


Testimonial #2012 – Dr. David Fraenkel

New Jersey: I never understood why it is so expensive to sell a dental practice. 10% is a lot of money to pay a broker when dental practices sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. While […]


Testimonial #2011 – Dr. Joseph Prasad

New Jersey: 3 Percent Dental was fast and efficient when selling my dental practice. I had buyers lined up right away for appointments and these were serious buyers because they had all been fully vetted and […]


Testimonial #2010 – Dr. Arturo Sanchez

New Jersey: I see Paul’s advertising everywhere. Dental Products Report, Dental Economics, American Dental Association, all the State Dental Journals, FB, etc. And the size of his ads is often larger than the big three brokerage […]


Testimonial #2009 – Dr. William Shechtman

New Jersey: Dr. Paul Alberg has owned and operated dental practices throughout the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s. He, himself, had to pay dental brokers (full commission) for their brokerage services. Which is what gave Paul and […]


Testimonial #2008 – Dr. Simon Roytberg

New York: I am extremely happy with the brokerage services I received from 3 Percent Dental. They absolutely exceeded my expectations in every way. Scott is the consummate professional and sold two of my practices very […]


Testimonial #2007 – Dr. Licet Ordehi Castillo

Florida: I appreciate simplicity and working with good people. Scott epitomizes everything right about good practice brokers. Especially hard work and professionalism. Scott will immediately inform you about interested parties after fully vetting and prequalifying them. I never […]

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